5 Tips for Staying Creative and Sticking to your Budget

Print offers a dazzling array of options for creating eye-popping marketing pieces. From colors that leap off the page to intricate laser die-cuts and personalized spot varnishes, the possibilities are endless.  Print is, after all, the medium for art.

At the same time, marketing projects must stay within budget. Here are five ideas for maximizing your creativity without breaking the bank.

1. Start early

The earlier you start your project, the more time you have to find the right balance between design and cost. You want to apply your budget to great finishes and print options, not rush charges and last-minute alterations.

2. Work backwards 

An easy way to kill the budget is to discover right before the deadline that your design won’t fold correctly or that one of the finishes will delay the project an extra week because it has to be sent out. Work backwards, starting with the finishing, to ensure that your design is not only beautiful but can be completed by your deadline.

3. Keep an idea library 

When you see pieces you like, keep them in a folder so that you have a library of inspiration to draw from. A physical piece not only sparks creative ideas, but it helps us better advise you on costs and flag design ideas that might be problematic.

4. Prioritize

Know going into the project what your priorities are. Establish the essential elements upfront, then fill in around them. Regardless of your budget, ensure that your highest priorities will be met.

5. Be flexible 

Talk with us along the way. Once we understand your project goals and priorities, we can help you balance your creative instincts with cost. There might be times we can substitute a house paper rather than a special-order stock without compromising the aesthetic, for example, or use a spot aqueous varnish rather than UV without negatively impacting your marketing goals.

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