About Us

HBP is a leading provider of communications services in the mid-Atlantic region, serving customers across all industries since 1903.

We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer care as dedicated partners, advisors, creative problem-solvers, project managers, and production experts. We get to know our customers and their organizations with the goal of maintaining long-lasting relationships based on respect, trust, and teamwork.

This partnership drives HBP’s Ideas Empowered corporate philosophy, ensuring that our customers’ ideas and business objectives can be successfully conveyed and executed using HBP’s full range of scalable services, including creative design, offset and digital printing, signage and displays, direct mail and fulfillment services, promotional products, online ordering, and legal brief publishing.

The HBP Difference


The print industry is rapidly evolving. High-quality commercial printing is wrapped into a collection of value-added services such as design, digital printing, bindery, e-commerce solutions, wide-format printing, mailing, fulfillment and much more – all of which demand certain levels of expertise.

At HBP, customer service is at the center of everything we do. We consider it our most important resource and greatest asset. With every account, a specialized HBP team is assembled to meet – and ideally, exceed – your most ambitious goals. Our customer onboarding and discovery process helps us to learn everything we need to know about your programs, quality expectations, business guidelines, and timetables.

HBP continues to build on its legacy business to respond to evolving customer and market needs. We accomplish this by identifying new and innovative opportunities to support those needs, while streamlining production processes to realize greater cost efficiencies, meet tight deadlines and even tighter budgets and maintain rigorous quality standards while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Corporate Responsibility


HBP operates as a corporate citizen focused on social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that our facilities and operations are in compliance with environmental standards. Our goal is to be an industry leader in responsible environmental management through our investment in technology and employee training.

We support our environmental commitment by:

  • Adhering to the goals and objectives of sustainable forest management programs
  • Assisting customers in making environmentally sensitive choices
  • Increasing employee environmental awareness through training
  • Evaluating the environmental risks of products and processes
  • Working with customers, suppliers and the community on environmental issues
  • Implementing energy saving facilities management solutions
  • Preventing pollution through effective waste management practices
  • Incorporating into our policies and procedures the best environmental practices of peer groups and like businesses

HBP’s ongoing recycling program includes recycling of:

  • Aluminum printing plates
  • Corrugated boxing
  • Paper
  • Waste Ink
  • Used pressroom chemistry
  • Waste equipment and vehicle oils
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Scrap metal
  • Wooden pallets
  • Plastic bottles and aluminum cans

HBP’s press room operations emphasize the use of environmentally friendly UV print technology. Most UV inks and coatings are free of solvents, VOCs and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Their energy-efficient processing also results in a relatively low carbon footprint. In addition, UV coatings can be easily removed in most paper and paperboard during the deinking step of the recycling process.

Commitment to Our Community

HBP encourages and supports individual employee participation in charitable and community events in addition to Corporate print and monetary donations and volunteer participation.

Commitment to Our Employees

HBP is committed to fostering a culture of ethical labor practices and social responsibility. Our Human Resources program ensures a safe and healthy work environment for all employees in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, such as Affirmative Action, EEO, VETS, FLSA, ADA, and OSHA.

HBP is dedicated to upholding the rights of our employees, and treating them with dignity and respect.This is exemplified by our labor practices, benefits and total compensation, harassment prevention and nondiscrimination. These same values inform our interaction with clients, vendors and the community.

  • Printing and Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic (PGAMA) Excellence in Print Awards:
    • Grand Q- Wide Format
    • Circle of Excellence Award
    • Best Overall Performance by a Company
    • Category Winner: Wide Format-Signs
    • Category Winner: Books: Paper Covered- Process
    • Category Winner: Announcements & Invitations
    • Category Winner: Wide Format- Unique Application/Installation
    • Category Finalist: Wide Format- Announcements & Invitations- Process
    • Category Finalist: Annual Reports- Process
    • Category Finalist: Booklets- Large, over 6x9
    • Category Finalist: Folders, Presentations, Kits & Portfolios
    • Category Finalist: Magazines-Process
    • Category Finalist: Postcards & Self-Mailers
    • Category Finalist: Printers' Self-Advertising
    • Category Finalist: Programs- Process
    • Category Finalist: Wide Format-Unique Substrates
    • Category Finalist: Unique Application/Installation
  • 2022 Top E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Company
  • Best of Hagerstown Award-Commercial Printer
  • Printing and Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic (PGAMA) Excellence in Print Awards:
    • Grand Q Excellence in Print- Best of Show
    • Peoples Choice
    • Category Winner: Impossible Job
    • Category Winner: Announcements and Invitations- Non-Process
    • Category Winner: Announcements and Invitations- Process
    • Category Winner: Book Covers and Jackets- Non-Process
    • Category Winner: Folders, Presentation Kits & Portfolios- Non-Process
    • Category Winner: Finishing & Binding
    • Category Winner: Packaging- Process 
    • Category Finalist: Announcements and Invitations- Process
    • Category Finalist: Books- Case Bound- Process (2 entries)
    • Category Finalist: Books- Paper Covered (2 entries)
    • Category Finalist: Brochures & Pamphlets- Process (2 entries)
    • Category Finalist: Catalogs- Product Oriented- Process (3 entries)
    • Category Finalist: Folders, Presentation Kits & Portfolios-  Process
    • Category Finalist: Magazines- Process
    • Category Finalist: Programs- Non-Process
    • Category Finalist: Wide Format- Signs
    • Category Finalist: Die Cutting
  • American Marketing Association (AMA) Baltimore MX Awards- Best Direct Mail Campaign of the Year
  • Summit International Best of Show Silver Winner
  • Printing and Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic (PGAMA) Excellence in Print Awards:
    • Grand Q Excellence in Print Award – Best of Show for Offset Print Books / Case Bound
    • Category Winner – Books / Case Bound
    • Category Winner – Finishing / Binding
    • Category Winner – Impossible Job
    • Category Finalist – Announcements and Invitations
    • Category Finalist – Annual Reports
    • Category Finalist – Large Booklets
    • Category Finalist – Books / Paper Covered (2 entries)
    • Category Finalist – Brochures and Pamphlets (3 entries)
    • Category Finalist – Calendars / 4c Process
    • Category Finalist – Programs / 4c Process (2 entries)
  • Summit International Silver Award for Design Excellence
  • Summit International Bronze award for Design Excellence
  • Summit International Bronze award for Design Excellence
  • Summit International Bronze award for Design Excellence
  • Gold Addy Award
  • Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards Certificate of Merit: Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colors, Printers with 101 or more employees)
  • Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards Certificate of Merit: Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colors, Printers with 101 or more employees)
  • Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards Certificate of Merit: Product Catalogs (4 or more colors, Printers with 101 or more employees)
  • Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards Certificate of Merit: Brochures and Broadsides, Large
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Announcements and Invitations, 4-Color Process
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Postcards and Self-mailers; 4-Color Process
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Packaging, 4-Color Process
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Magazines
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Books / Paper Covered
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Brochures and Pamphlets
  • PGAMA Excellence in Print Awards (Award of Excellence): Books / Paper Covered
  • International MarCom Award - Platinum Award
  • International MarCom Award - Gold Award
  • International MarCom Award - Gold Award
  • International MarCom Award - Honorable Mention
  • Silver Summit Creative Award
  • Apex Award for Publications Excellence in Magazines, Journals & Tabloids
  • American Advertising Awards: Gold Addy Award
  • APEX Award for Excellence
Security, Compliance + Certifications
Data and Facilities Security

HBP has an Information Security Policy designed around the ISO 27001 certification for information security management. The ISO standard establishes requirements HBP for our policies and procedures, physical security, and technical controls within our information management process. While HBP has not pursued the actual certification, we believe we have built a strong system to ensure customers’ intellectual property – content files and project data – is protected in both digital and physical formats.

HBP has undertaken the following security measures toward reaching this goal:

  • Increased our 24x7 video surveillance inside and outside our facility by adding 32 cameras to our system
  • Installed proximity card-controlled entry/exit points to prevent unauthorized individuals in our facility
  • Implemented a Visitor Management System that records not only entries and exits via a barcoded badge system, but also captures visitor photos and signatures for record purposes
  • Replaced all network switches – both core and edge switches – with the latest Cisco technology with integral Intrusion Prevention and Detection technology
  • Replaced our existing firewalls with the latest Cisco technology that enables the implementation of Digital Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities
  • Installed DLP capability to automatically monitor outbound email, file transfers, and other communications for data structures identified as “sensitive” and stopped those transmissions before they pass out of our system

In addition, all customer files containing sensitive data will be protected using “at rest” encryption that ensures no data can be retrieved from the HBP server without appropriate permissions and the proper encryption key.

Disaster Recovery

HBP's systems run on a cluster of virtualized servers that access a partitioned Storage Area Network (SAN) for data storage. HBP operates two data centers – one in our facility in Hagerstown, MD and in Falls Church, VA. These data centers replicate data continuously; using Quest Rapid Recovery and replicates archive data overnight to identical 120 Terabyte archive servers when user load is low. Server “snapshots” are taken when system changes are enacted and saved in the sister data center for redundancy.

Each facility has 100Mbit bandwidth for its primary data circuit, with the VOIP voice traffic moving over a separate MPLS circuit. Hagerstown also has a 50Mbyte microwave connection to the internet to ensure we have 24x7 availability on customer-facing systems.

In the case of a power outage, our Hagerstown data center has a fully automatic 60 Kw gas-powered generator and an automatic transfer switch for seamless power service. Our Falls Church data center has a sizeable Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with automatic system shutdown and load shedding capabilities when the UPS is called into action.

Key Infrastructure

HBP has made and will continue to make significant upgrades to our digital and operations infrastructure in order to stay relevant to customer needs and remain competitive. Below is a list of HBP’s technology infrastructure assets:

  • EFI Monarch MIS system
  • Development of the HBP Wizard estimating tool
  • Development of the HBP Retail Distribution Project Manager
  • Internet Circuit Upgrades
  • New Cisco network switches and firewalls with intrusion detection/ prevention capabilities
  • “At Rest” encryption capabilities for sensitive data
  • IDEAlliance G7 Master Qualified Facility with Colorspace Compliance
  • GPO Level One printer
Transparency Compliance
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HBP, a leading print and communications service provider, has acquired Imaging Zone, expanding its’ team and capabilities. We welcome the entire IZ staff team and its’ clients to HBP and are excited to continue to grow as an organization..

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