Be Your Customer’s First Choice

How do you inspire your audience to say yes to your messaging when they could easily say no? When it comes to interactions, consumers hold power in their hands. They choose the content they want to see, when they see it, and what channels they want to engage with. Successful companies do more than simply build their brands; they motivate their customers to engage. Here are some key ways to encourage your audience to respond to your content. 

1. Be authentic. Consumers can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away. 86% of consumers say that authenticity is crucial when deciding what brands they like and support (Stackla). Be honest and transparent in your marketing. Use natural language. Be a brand your customers can relate to.

2. Be respectful. Your audience is bombarded with marketing messages 24 hours a day, so don’t be a pest. Respect their time and the boundaries they choose to set. This is one of the reasons people still love direct mail—it doesn’t intrude in their space, and they decide when and where to engage with it. It’s no wonder Gallup found that 41% of Americans look forward to receiving their mail every day. Make sure your marketing mix includes both digital and traditional mail.

3. Make things easy. Consumers’ lives are busy. They will respond to brands that know who they are and what they are most likely to buy. Ensure the communications you send are relevant and make sure the purchasing process is as seamless as possible.

4. Get it right the first time. Studies from The Advertising Research Foundation show that shoppers tune out after receiving a few dozen messages from the same company. So even though people love direct mail, don’t bombard them with it. Be selective about what you send and when. 

5. Go beyond demographics. In targeting your audience, go beyond demographics. Look more deeply at what motivates, interests, and is of the most value to your customers. There are multiple ways to get at this information, so create a plan for getting what you need. 

Consumers are more informed than ever, so you have to be savvier too. Let us help you create a plan for boosting your engagement!