Signs That Your Customers Are Becoming Disengaged (And What to Do About It)

Your best customers will always be your most engaged customers. These customers will also tend to be your most frequent customers, have higher per-order values, and be your best brand advocates. Not surprisingly, keeping these customers engaged is critical to the future of your business. But how can you tell if customers are starting to lose interest so you can prevent that erosion from happening? Learn how in this week’s blog.

Planning an Event? You Need These 7 Tools

Are you planning an event? To maximize attendance, you need a comprehensive multichannel strategy incorporating various marketing tools. Let’s look at seven “must-have” elements to make your next event successful. Learn how in this week’s blog.

5 Ways to Build Your Mailing List

Building a strong mailing list is essential for successful direct mail marketing campaigns. Learn five strategies that you can use to improve the accuracy of your targeting and reach new, high-value prospects.

What Is ESG and How Can It Benefit You?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and social issues. One way to differentiate yourself from competitors and win over new customers is by embracing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. Learn how in this week’s blog.

The Call to Action: Small Changes = Big Impact

A call to action (CTA) is an essential element of any marketing piece, as it prompts the reader or viewer to take a specific action. Learn how small changes to a CTA can have a significant impact in this week’s blog.

The Hidden Goldmine of Customer Retention

Customer retention is the path to sustainable profitability in today’s competitive business landscape. Here are 5 effective strategies to build customer loyalty.

Life After Online Cookies

As the online advertising industry scrambles to adjust to the reality that Google will soon end its support for third-party cookies, direct mail marketers are ready to fill the gap.

5 Tips for Building Trust with Customers

Building trust with your audience is essential for any business or organization. How do you use your marketing materials to build trust? Let’s look at five tips that work regardless of your marketing channel.