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5 Tips for Building Trust with Customers

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7 Tips for Flawless Jobs

1. Hire a proofreader Too many companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a print job only to discover once it was off the press that there was a typo in a headline or in the body...

Print and the Power of Touch

Touch is a powerful concept in marketing. It helps sell clothing and sports equipment. It helps sell puppies in pet stores. It helps sell products in print marketing, too. The groundbreaking book, A...

5 Tips for Perfecting Postcard Prose

Postcards pack a powerful punch. With no envelope to open, even if the postcard is thrown away, there is no way for recipients to avoid being exposed to your message. That why it’s critical to...

10 Things You Need to Know About Labels

At first, you might see labels as a simple product. They need to stick to your envelopes and mailing boxes, your bottled products, or your folding carton packaging. They need to look nice, give the...