Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Influencers

Influencer marketing is fast becoming the go-to strategy for boosting online reach. Learn how to attract influencers who can expand your audience in this week’s blog.

5 Tips for Building Trust with Customers

Building trust with your audience is essential for any business or organization. How do you use your marketing materials to build trust? Let’s look at five tips that work regardless of your marketing channel.

Make a Lasting Impression with Event Marketing

Direct mail, email, social media, and other marketing channels play essential roles in your marketing mix, but in-person events offer something unique that other channels don’t. Learn three ways to make a big impression at your next event in this week’s blog.

Avoid Making Assumptions in Your Marketing

Are you missing marketing opportunities due to stereotyping? Before deploying your next print or digital campaign, analyze your messaging and challenge any stereotypes you might uncover. You may be leaving opportunities on the table!

The Power of ZIP Code Targeting

You can create highly effective campaigns at a very reasonable cost by identifying ZIP Codes with large percentages of residents that match your desired audience. Let’s look at five ZIP Code filters, and how to use them.

Need Marketing Direction? Make a Plan!

What are your marketing priorities? Where are you looking to make the most profound investments? Not sure? It’s time to create a marketing plan! This week’s blog will show you seven actionable steps to create yours.

5 Steps for Finding the Right Target Market

You can have the best product in the world, but your results will be disappointing if you don’t market it to the right audience. Even if you have tons of data on your customers, how do you know they are your best target audience or that you are crafting messaging relevant to them? Get to know them!

Do You Know These 8 Envelope Types?

If you think all envelopes are the same, you might want to think again. There are many types, and each has different benefits for different purposes. How familiar are you with these eight envelope types?

Boost Conversion Rates with the Power of Positive

Did you know that the words in your emails and direct mail pieces can be seen as positive or negative? If your positive words outweigh the negative ones, you can boost your conversion rates substantially.