What Consumers Want in 2023

Uncertainty over the last few years has profoundly impacted consumers’ psyches. They crave simplicity, authenticity, and an emphasis on healthy work-life balance. Learn how to apply this knowledge to your next marketing campaign in this week’s blog.

Envelope or Postcard? Which Format Works Best?

Direct mail is a powerful tool, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. In this week’s blog, let’s look at some differences between the two most popular formats; envelopes and postcards.

5 Reasons Wide-Format Graphics Create BIG Impact!

Looking to grab attention? Window graphics, wall coverings, and signage are hard to miss. Learn why wide-format is the way to go in this week’s blog.

Understanding New Marketing Lingo

Drip marketing, engagement marketing, loyalty marketing, trigger, and omnichannel marketing. What do these terms mean?

5 Tips for Logo Redesign

Our expert design team at Ellipse can assist you in creating a logo that’s timeless, professional, and attention-grabbing. In need of a redesign? Here are five factors to consider when planning your new logo.

5 Things All Nonprofits Should Do

Repeat donors are the lifeblood of your organization, and you want to retain them. Currently, the average donor retention rate for nonprofits is around 45%.1...

Increase ROI by Getting Creative

Nearly half (49%) of companies say that dollar for dollar; they get a better ROI from their customer retention efforts than from their customer acquisition marketing. How far are you willing to go to retain your customers?

6 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

To be successful, content marketers must do more than fulfill everyone else’s wish lists. By setting (and then sticking to) a well-defined marketing strategy, you can avoid this pitfall and keep others’ agendas from knocking you off track.
Here are six steps to creating a content marketing strategy that keeps you on task and gets results.

Reach More Customers with Personalized Mail 

We all know that personalization drives results, but what do consumers really want? And does personalized mail impact all consumers equally?   According to InfoTrends, consumers respond...

UV Coating: There’s Nothing Else Like It

Some print pieces stand out from all of the others. Maybe the color is more brilliant. Maybe the gloss has a shine that catches your eye. Or perhaps it’s the reverse—the piece has a luxurious matte...