Creating, managing, and delivering content to the right audience – while ensuring it looks (and sounds) great every time – is paramount to business success. This includes branded marketing communications initiatives as well as training and HR-related materials used to educate, inform, and inspire customers, prospects, and employees alike. Effectively reaching these diverse audiences – and generating positive results with limited budgets and reduced staff – often requires a multichannel approach that enables you to differentiate your organization, control your brand, distribute information securely, and streamline workflow process to save time, money, and resources.

navigate obstacles and realize results

HBP has worked with corporations in the technology, biotech, and financial industries for many years to address evolving communications challenges. Whether you’re launching a new product or service, announcing the appointment of key staff, coordinating a corporate brand redesign, supplying information or materials internationally, or managing sensitive training or HR-related efforts, we look for new opportunities to maximize your content’s impact and financial investment. By helping you navigate through the tough obstacles, we empower you with ideas to drive audience actions and realize positive results.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Design, production, and distribution of marketing content
  • Mobile solutions to manage HR documents and training materials
  • Multichannel marketing support and services
  • Trade show marketing support and services
  • Lead nurturing services for pre and post tradeshow efforts
  • Print, web, digital (on demand), and mobile solutions
  • Online fulfillment and mailing services

We also offer innovative technologies to coordinate and control marketing inventory, manage branded assets, and ensure the secure delivery of sensitive information and documents. Our PortalPro e-commerce site is a web-based system that allows users to manage and distribute materials – providing you with greater control over production costs while increasing your speed to market and ability to acquire insight into audience interests and purchasing habits. In addition, ContentKey™ is our secure mobile content management and digital rights technology that provides a secure way to distribute and access unique information, such as training manuals, instructional videos, HR-related documents, etc. In addition to facilitating safe, cost-effective content sharing, it can help you acquire detailed analytics of who is viewing your content – further empowering you to enhance your subsequent communications efforts.

Case Studies on Corporations: