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Color management is for everyone – Pairing optimized color with HBP’s UV press technology for a vibrant, visually exceptional printed piece

Which image below do you prefer? We know which one we would like to receive to reproduce for a client. Are the PDF files and images you are creating for 4 color process printing optimized for the best color gamut and settings for the equipment they are going to be produced on? It only takes a few clicks to make a difference.

This is a real example from an actual project of what talking to your HBP team in advance about color management and PDF settings can do for your printed material. For those who are curious, here is how this image was adjusted:  The color curve adjustments were made in Adobe Photoshop removing ink/color from the 1/4 tones and increasing color in the 3/4 tones. The 0, 50, and 100% areas were unchanged.

Interested in knowing how HBP can help maximize color for your next project and make the imagery look this vibrant?

Contact your HBP representative today or email to contactus@hbp.com.

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