Our Approach

Custom Solutions Across the Communications Lifecycle

HBP develops custom solutions to support needs across the communications lifecycle – from concept generation and creative development to campaign management, delivery, measurement, and much more. Move your mouse over the interactive graphic below to learn more about HBP’s capabilities.

imagine | HBP applies a consultative approach to generating ideas, creating a dynamic environment for imagining different possibilities to meet your business needs. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, we know the right questions to ask to ensure your goals are aligned with solutions that deliver results – such as engaging audiences, inspiring actions, streamlining workflows, controlling costs, protecting brand assets, and gathering data.

create | We’re a one-stop resource with in-house expertise in strategic, creative, and technical disciplines. Our depth of resources makes us uniquely qualified to bring your vision to life while reaching your audiences in ways they prefer. We provide a comprehensive suite of offerings – ranging from graphic design and collateral development to customized web-based and mobile solutions; on-demand, offset, and wide-format printing; fulfillment and mailing services; and much more.

manage | HBP places an emphasis on managing projects to ensure deadlines are met, costs are controlled, and goals are achieved. This includes managing projects throughout the development, production, and mailing phases to streamline workflows and look for areas for improvement – like enhancing the design of invoices, reducing postage costs, and automating processes. For example, our automated PortalPro e-commerce site, empowers you to manage your communications materials online – from controlling collateral inventory to maintaining brand integrity – while reducing marketing spend and maximizing your ROI.

deliver | Whether you’re shipping materials directly to your customers or connecting with them online, we offer safe and effective ways to deliver content on time while securing your brand assets. In addition to our fleet of HBP delivery vehicles that cater to our local clients, we use innovative tools – such as ContentKey™, our digital rights management solution, to distribute and share information with confidence while protecting your content in today’s BYOD world. We incorporate these tools to capture valuable data, providing you with a deeper connection to your customers that can be leveraged in future campaigns.

measure | HBP is a strong advocate for incorporating measurement tools and metrics in communications campaigns. We offer traditional and online methods to monitor and track response rates, gather intelligence, measure content consumption, and much more. Our aim is to help you capture and leverage meaningful information that can be customized in future communications to drive stronger connections with your audiences. As we like to say, our success is measured by your success – and data collection is a key component of successful communications campaigns.