Supply Chain Challenges Impacting Paper Supply and Costs

Throughout the print industry, both domestically and internationally, the global supply chain issues are significantly impacting the availability and price of paper and other consumables used in the printing process.

This worldwide problem stems from the impact of COVID.  Paper mills shuttered or temporarily converted to production of alternate products, increased demand for board and packaging, pulp and chemical shortages, rising fuel prices, container shortages, strains on transportation options, and reduced labor resources are a few of the contributing factors. The result?  Less paper available and rising prices.

HBP has continued to take action to minimize the impact to customers through aggressive acquisition of stocks to inventory on-site, expanding house stocks to include additional brands, and working closely with our mill and distribution partners to ensure maximum allocation and priority status for our purchases due to HBP’s financial stability and prompt payment history.  Our account management team continues to work closely with clients to provide real-time status of paper availability, and to provide alternate options to help keep print projects on track.

What can you do?

Plan ahead!  Communicate your needs and confirm specifications well ahead of your project release for production.  Paper pricing is changing daily, and so is availability.  Place your confirmed order to allow for paper purchasing to hold estimated prices and ensure availability of stock.

Be flexible!  Consider alternate brands, weights and finishes during this shortage period.  Your known stock selection may not be available or is experiencing more significant price increases than other comparable stocks.  Being flexible helps keep your project on schedule and minimize the impact of paper rate increases on your budget.

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