Three Must-Have Marketing Materials

When you conclude any important sales meeting, you want to leave more than a good impression. You want to give your potential client materials that will continue to sell your company and products long after you’re gone. Let’s look at three great examples of marketing materials to leave behind after a great meeting.

1. Sales brochures

Brochures are vital leave-behinds because they continue to tell your story long after the meeting is over. Of course, your competitors are trying to win your prospects’ business too, so not just any brochure will cut it. You can make a statement that you should be their top choice in three ways:

  • Eye-popping graphics, intriguing finishes, and luxurious coatings. Ensure that your brochure is head and shoulders above everyone else’s in terms of quality.
  • High-quality paper. People tend to associate heavier stocks with higher-quality products and services. Try an excellent 100# stock for your brochure rather than the standard 80# stock.
  • Customize for the client. Take advantage of the short-run capabilities of digital production to craft something that speaks specifically to your prospect’s market vertical and individual needs. Nothing says, “Your company matters!” more than a brochure explicitly created for that prospect, for that meeting, on that day.

2. Printed case studies

Studies on human psychology show that people are influenced by peer behavior. If you can show that your product is being used successfully by your prospect’s competitors, this has a highly motivating effect. This is particularly true if your product is new and innovative. Case studies reduce anxiety and allow purchasers to try new things while feeling secure that they aren’t embarking on something risky or untested.

3. Samples

Bringing samples that you can leave behind extends value to the prospect and helps to build trust. If there are other decision-makers in the process, it gives your prospect something to share with them. Even if there aren’t others in the decision-making process, samples are a great continuation of your sales message and create openings with others in the company who might also need your product.

High-quality leave-behinds continue to tell your company’s story long after your meeting. What message are you leaving?