Healthcare organizations

Communications are becoming increasingly more important as patients, doctors, employees, and communities take more active roles in understanding and managing the delivery of care. As a result, healthcare organizations must seek new, cost-effective ways to connect with audiences, enable information sharing, and empower decision-making.

drive active audience engagement

HBP has extensive experience crafting solutions to reach multiple and diverse audiences in the healthcare market. We use a customized approach to streamline the way communications are managed – from initial concept development to production, fulfillment, distribution, and much more. This includes developing strategies that integrate preferred communications channels – from print to digital, and mobile – to strengthen connections with target audiences while controlling costs.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Audience engagement programs
  • Enrollment programs
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Donor development programs
  • Mobile and web-based campaigns
  • Collateral inventory management
  • Digital rights management solution
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Marketing collateral
  • Communications materials
  • HR and training materials
  • Graphics and signage support
  • Brand asset management

We also offer innovative technologies to help control your organizational assets during a time when resources are limited and budgets are tight. Our PortalPro e-commerce site can help you control collateral inventory, maintain brand integrity, and reduce marketing spend. And our mobile content management tool – ContentKey™ – facilitates safe information sharing online while enabling you to monitor and track content usage and apply your findings in future communications initiatives.