Specialty publishers

For specialty publishing marketers, competing in today’s crowded media market requires a multichannel approach and the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience – such as offering special renewal plans to current subscribers. Faced with increasing responsibilities and decreasing budgets, your success may depend on finding new ways to optimize your workflows, gain insightful data from current subscribers, and track your results more effectively.

personalize subscriber communications

Having partnered with specialty publishers for many years, HBP has developed tools and resources (such as our production software) to make your job easier and more productive. Whether you’re an educational organization, healthcare publisher, financial company, or association/nonprofit specialty publisher, we make it easy to connect with target audiences in unique ways. This includes using variable and versioned templates to engage readers on a more immediate, personal level – while strengthening the relevancy of your content and the subsequent connection with subscribers.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Design, production, and distribution
  • Multichannel marketing support and services
  • Trade show marketing support and services
  • Web-based inventory control and ordering system
  • Secure mobile content management application
  • Print, web, digital, and mobile support along with on-demand solutions
  • Inventory management, fulfillment, and mailing services

We also help increase speed to market, eliminate waste, and reduce costs through a combination of products and services – ranging from proofing methodologies to online inventory management, mailing, comingling, and fulfillment services and equipment. In addition, we offer a suite of automated tools to measure response rates and gather important information, such as subscriber data, empowering you to gauge campaign performance and make future adjustments to drive ongoing success.