Retail companies

Brand management has grown increasingly more difficult with advancements in retail technology, such as the integration of Internet shopping and mobile devices. Looking for ways to manage inventory while increasing their “share of wallet,” retailers are turning to multi-channel solutions to improve the brand experience and sustain customer loyalty. They also want to know more about individual buying behaviors so they can better serve their customers’ needs.

increase traffic with better outcomes

One key to success involves “personalization” – the ability to customize communications through methods that audiences prefer. We’ve developed tools and solutions to help retailer companies get noticed in today’s difficult and constantly evolving sea of messages and media channels – and get to market faster and more effectively, while ensuring brand integrity. Whether you’re developing in-store signage or online communications we can help create timely solutions to engage your customers, delivering the right message at the right time and in the right format to increase traffic with better outcomes.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Store signage, catalogues and direct mail production
  • Design, production, and distribution of marketing materials
  • Web-based inventory control and ordering system
  • Print, web, digital, and mobile support along with on-demand solutions
  • Inventory management, fulfillment, and mailing services

We also offer a collection of innovative technologies to help capture, manage, and utilize customer data across multiple media channels; streamline production workflows; and manage your brand assets. This includes electronic data interchange services to map data properly and manage inventory levels; and an e-commerce portal (PortalPro) for controlling collateral inventory as well as a methodology for producing products on demand to guide production timelines and meet in-store delivery dates. The end result provides greater cost control, improves turnaround times, and enhances your ability to understand individual buying behaviors – and subsequently communicate with customers in ways they prefer while maximizing your ROI.