Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Influencers

Did you know that 67% of those investing in influencer marketing plan to increase their investment this year? Why? Because it works. Shoppers are likelier to believe an influencer over the brand itself, so once the influencer is convinced to try your product and loves it, they will share that with their followers. This drives sales for you.
Nearly half (49%) of consumers have purchased something because an influencer recommended it.

How do you reach influencers?

Get product samples into their hands. Provide them with product literature that gives them plenty of information to share, and use branded swag to keep your brand top of mind. Package it all up in a beautifully printed box or mailer that tells your story and intrigues the influencer right out of the gate.

Who are influencers?

Anyone with a following over whom they have influence. This can be high-profile people such as a TV celebrity, a sports figure, or a personality on TikTok. It could also be a more minor, local celebrity or industry expert, called a “nano-influencer.”
According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, most influence marketers prefer nano (39%) or micro (30%) influencers, who tend to be more accessible and have more engaged followers.

Get an influencer to like and recommend your product; they will do the rest of the work for you. So get creative! Make it impossible for them not to pay attention.

Go dimensional. Use unusual shapes, colors, and sizes to grab attention in a sea of flat envelopes.

Make them look twice. Design packaging that looks like something they don’t expect, such as a birthday gift or an airmail envelope.

Add on-package messaging. Get your message in front of them before they even open the box.

Personalize. Add the influencer’s name, social media handle, and other relevant information where they can’t miss it.

Yours may not be the only package an influencer receives in a day, so use custom mailers and boxes to get your box opened. With some planning and creativity combined with high-quality printing, you can get influencers to do your marketing for you. Need help getting started? Contact us today!